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Fabrics warehouse procedure in Garments Industry

Garments Fabrics
Fabrics are the main component and raw material of a garment. There is some quality procedure for fabrics before cutting. This article is about all these process garments makers have to go through to cut fabrics. Though Fabrics supply third party suppliers, garments makers have to take fabrics quality liability once they cut fabrics. That's why garments manufacturers can claim fabrics supplier about any quality by a certain time of fabric arrival and all fabric issue have to solve through buying a house before start fabric cutting for making garments.

Warehouse fabrics processing Flow chart of Garments Industry

Receiving fabrics from supplier
Receiving Invoice & Packing List and mill dye lot
Inside Container Condition Checking (Temp & Humidity).
Physical Verification against Invoice & Packing list.
Keeping roll in fabrics warehouse
Fabrics inventory and making inventory report
100% Width Measuring, Blanket and Shrinkage Cutting,
10% or AQL sampling Dye lot Wise Fabric Inspection-4 Points System.
LAB Test Physical & Chemical- In-house Lab testing
Shade blanket washing as per the bulk recipe
100% Shade Segregation.
Shade wise color continuity card
Shrinkage measurement
Master Roll selection
Shade band making
Shade band washing
Shade band Approval
All quality procedure complete and pass
Cut Plan Approval by Merchandiser
Fabrics Issue to Cutting shade wise with shade note

10% Dye lot Wise Fabric Inspection.  4 Points System.
1. Visual defects.             
2. Running shade & Centre/selvage shade.      
3. Moisture checking for post-cure fabric              

In-house LAB Testing- Physical & Chemical.
1. Shrinkage                      
2. Fastness to Rubbing & Washing.                          
3. GSM/ Count/Con.                      
4. Tensile & Tear.                            
5. DP rating test for post-cure fabric                        

100% Shade Segregation.
1. Shade wise segregation & Qty Details.                              
2. Before/after wash Dye lot Swatch-7 Sets.                     
3. Distribution to concern. Department after approval.                  
4. Identify c/s, s/s shading rolls and take up with the supplier.
5. Shade/ width wise report - data entry in OMSv2 System.                        

Fabric Issue to Cutting.
1. Issuing fabric to cutting Pattern/Shade/width wise.   
2. Verification of sticker details by using shade segregation report & Scan Barcode for the record.    
3. Update data of issuing on OMSv2 based on cutting requisition & scanning record        

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