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Embroidery process SOP | Flow chart in Garments Manufacturing

Embroidery in Garments Manufacturing

Embroidery is a decorative process that adds product value to the customer. Generally, Embroidery applies in one part of garments as per buyer requirement, most of the time use a pocket or back part of a shirt. Embroidery can be used in any type of Garment. An Embroidery pattern and Embroidery sample have to take approval from buying a house via merchandiser before production starts. Most of garments factory do not have own Embroidery section, they do their Embroidery process by 3rd party Embroidery company. Embroidery is a craft of decorating fabric by using a needle and various types of yarn or thread in a particular area of fabric.

Embroidery department in garments industry

Embroidery is a decorative sewing process done by an embroidery machine, can not do a sewing machine operator. Cut panel sends to embroidery section for embroidery process, and panels send back to cutting section to proceed sewing. A pattern has to set for an embroidery process as per buyer requirements. Generally, embroidery set in a special part of a garment. Nowadays the people of the world become very fashion-following. All of the garments are both printed and embroidered. For that reason embroidery section now becomes a part and parcel of the garments section.

Embroidery process SOP | Flow chart in Garments Manufacturing

Monthly Embroidery Plan from the planning department
Receive Body Panel from Cutting
Receive Required Thread/Spec./Design /Pattern
Check Approved Specifications 
All specifications match?
                                                   Yes→ No Check with Merchandising
                                     & Rectify
Set Embroidery Machine
Embroidery Operation
Embroidery Quality Check
 Embroided as Per Specifications?
                                                                     Yes→ No→ Re-cut similar leftover fabrics→ Redo embroidery
Body Panels Send for Fusing

Send Embroidery parts for Sewing

Details of some important point

Check Approved Specifications 
1. Buyer, File No. & Order Quantity. 
2. Measurement Specification 
3. Yarn Count Specification
4. Fabric Color Approved Swatch
5. Needle Size
6. Thread Tex & Color

Set Embroidery m/c
1. Program/SPI
2. Needle
3. Thread
4. Pattern
5. Interlining

Embroidery Quality Check
1. Embroidery Placement
2. Serial No.
3. Defects/Alteration
4. Metal Detection (as per Buyer Requirement)
Embroidery Machine
Embroidery process Flow chart
The flow chart has briefly discussed below. In the embroidery Section, many steps are followed. Each step is described below shortly:

Monthly embroidery plan from the planning department:
Planning department arranges the whole process which will be done for the coming order. How they provide service in a fixed date and all critical issues are determined by the planning department. The planning department makes a plan weekly/ monthly basis which style to do after which style. A planning sheet also includes a work deadline for Embroidery.

Received Body Panel from Cutting:
Embroidery section receives a cut panel from the cutting section. Embroidery doing on specific cut parts of garments. So cutting section sends that specific parts to Embroidery for Embroidery operation

Received Required Thread/Spec/Design/Pattern:
For the purpose of embroidery, they received the required thread or specimen or design book or pattern. Without receiving the required material they cannot start embroidery. All necessary Thread/Spec./Design /Pattern must be ensured before the process started.

Check Approval Specification:
We are just bound to submit the ordered goods. So Before going to production the approval specification checked very carefully. All specifications match should match with Approved Specifications. If not match, No Check with Merchandising & Rectify

All specification matches:
Embroidery authority checked the specimen very carefully and find out the variation. They Fingertips all specifications
Set embroidery machine:
 If all specification match Set embroidery machine, If not match check with merchandising and rectify. Setting an embroidery machine for performing embroidery operation

Embroidery Operation:
In this step, the embroidery operation started in a little amount. Quality must be ensured as per buying house approval if the panel should recut and do embroidery again.

Embroidery QC:
In this step, The QC checked the embroidery. They match the produced product with the specimen. If okay go for body panel sewing. If not okay Recut similar leftover fabrics and prepared for further embroidery. 

Body panel sends for Fusing:  
If QC pass then body panel send for fusing when the fusing operation is applicable on the part.

Send embroidery parts for sewing:
After completing embroidery according to specification the embroidered parts send for sewing