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Production preparation processes of Garments Manufacturing

Production preparation processes of Garments Manufacturing

Production Preparation Process
Production preparation process is the sum of total process what are done before bulk starting, there are many work and procedure have to complete by manufacturer before going to production. Production preparation processes are important for any manufacturing company.This article on Production preparation process of Garments industry.
Preparation of Garments manufacturing Process
Garments manufacturing is all about cutting, sewing and finishing but there are list of complex tasks in pre-production stage as garments production preparatory process especially on fabrics quality inspection and pre-production sampling, without getting done of these process bulk production cannot be started as these buyer procedure. All fabrics quality procedure and sampling are very much sensitive, garments maker needs to be careful for smooth production and keeping needed input flow to sewing. If a factory cannot perform pre-production activities properly, factory may fall down in productivity. Generally it takes at least 12-13 days to go for bulk production after receiving fabrics from supplier. Production planning team directly follows up these pre-production activities.
Flow chart of Garments production preparation processes

Action if process fail
Fabrics procedure
Fabric in-house

Fabric inspection completion
If cannot pass, asking supplier for  compensation or replacement
CSV/ SSV checking

Status on CSV/SSV
If cannot pass, asking supplier for  compensation or replacement
Shrinkage & Distortion

Status on shrinkage & distortion
If cannot pass, asking supplier for  compensation or fabrics replacement
Blanket set  complete

Status on  blanket
If cannot pass, asking supplier for  compensation or fabrics replacement
Pre-production sampling
Trim card or QC file and sample approval
If Trim card not approved, size set cannot be cut
If pass above all, then start size set cutting

Size set approval with pattern adjustment
If PP meeting fail, maker ask to recut size set sample
Pilot run cutting (If need)

Pilot Run approval

Bulk cutting

Fabrics Quality procedure
  We cannot cut fabrics without going through some fabrics quality inspections procedures by certain time after receiving from supplier  , these are fabrics visual defects, shading, shrinkage and distortion. If fabrics fail to meet one of those quality check points, garments maker has to claim through buying house and ask for fabrics replacement. Sometime fabrics supplier come to verify garments maker claim so its take if there any quality others (short qty/ width shipment) issue in fabrics, most of times its takes more time to solve problematic fabrics issue.

Pre-production sampling
After completing all fabrics procedure garments maker has to cut size set sample (also known as PP sample) to do pre-production meeting. If PP sample cannot pass, factory has to remake PP sample again. Then garments maker cut pilot run and complete sewing and finishing process. After completing pilot run process, garments manufacturer allowing for bulk production.